Mission Kits Restaurant

Mission Kits was one of the 4th Ave restaurants famous for its food quality and premium dining experience. Curtis Luk opened this facility to visitors in 2015, and many came to try his specialties. Luk is the former participant of Top Chef Canada, and it was his first attempt at opening a restaurant.

Unfortunately, Mission Kits Restaurant officially closed on May 13th, 2018.

Eating Options Near the Mission Kitsilano (4th Ave)

You could find the Mission Kitsilano Vancouver restaurant on 2042 W 4th Ave. Since the facility is now closed, visitors should look for alternative dining options.

Here are the best restaurants in Kitsilano that you’ll find close to this location:


Bishop’s restaurant interior in Vancouver

Bishop’s Restaurant is at 2183 W 4th Ave, and it offers first-class in-house and takeout menus. You can enjoy a roasted duck breast, wild mushroom risotto, and daily specials.

Phone: +1 604-738-2025

Fable Kitchen

The interior design of Fable Kitchen restaurant in Vancouver

Fable Kitchen offers lunch, dinner, and brunch options. Whether you order scrambled eggs or fish specials, the meal will exceed your expectations. Fable is among the best Kitsilano restaurants, and you’ll find it at 1944 W 4th Ave

Phone: +1 604-732-1322

Dark Table

The entrance of Dark Table restaurant in Vancouver

You’ll never forget your visit to Dark Table at 2611 W 4th Ave. Once you pick the menu, you go to a dark room where phones and other lighting sources cannot be used. That will enable a unique experience and allow you to focus on food quality, which is exceptional.

Phone: +1 604-739-3275

We Are Proud to Welcome Our Dear Guests

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Tyler White

Tyler White

Judy Dill

Judy Dill

Benjamin Prescott

Benjamin Prescott

Beth Gillatt

Beth Gillatt

Map 2042 W 4th Ave

The Food at Mission

Luk picked the name Mission Vancouver Restaurant to show dedication to guests and providing them with the meal they deserve. The facility aimed to provide an all-around dining experience. It had a well-decorated indoor where you felt pleasant and welcome.

The food was exceptional since the chef tried to combine the best of local and international cuisines. Mission Restaurant Kits kept sustainability as the top priority to show responsibility to the planet while providing high-quality meals. They didn’t forget the importance of offering competitive prices to ensure anyone can afford a premium dining experience.

Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian menu of Mission Kitsilano restaurant

If you are a vegetarian, you could enjoy a generous tasting menu at Mission. The sprouted lentils with vadouvan and carrot soccarat were particularly delicious. You could also enjoy a sesame smoked potato with vegetables and other specials. The restaurant was giving better prices for four and six-course menus.

Small Plates

Small Plates dishes at Mission restaurant

Small plates can be a smart choice when you take business partners to lunch, or you are simply not that hungry. The unique combinations of meat and seafood plates and the selection of vegetables and snacks made the restaurant’s offer unique.

Brunch in Kitsilano

Brunch in Kitsilano Restaurant in Vancouver

Apart from a dining experience, you could head for brunch at Mission. You could never go wrong with a featured omelet and the selection of farmhouse cheeses. The tasty and unusual combinations like grapefruit and roasted potatoes secured a memorable experience on each visit.

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